Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spring Has Sprung

Okay as promised... Here is some of my Spring Nails so far!

I will say, the spring trend seems to be multiple colors with a simple design, which I like.  And how can you go wrong with polk-a-dots and stripes?  I wish you could see the black better because it's actually a really beautiful glitter in person!  It is Young Nails Black 101 with True Gel Toxic glitter over it.  One of my favorite combos! All hand painted

Now just as I say simple is the trend then of course I post these next :P  These are super fun though and they make me want to dance for some reason lol I love the bright colors on white and I love a different design on each nail.  Just too fun!  If you remember on my last post of catch-up, I posted a picture of a chevron nail I did last year and mentioned how I've improved.  This picture will show my chevron is much better now :) Loving it and all hand painted

I felt so good about these when I was finished!  I looked at a picture from Pinterest to recreate this stunning floral look.  And guess what.. the pink/orange color I used is CUSTOM!  I mixed Young Nails Tangerene Neon and True Gel Pink Truffle and it was perfect! All hand painted

These were fun too!  I used IBD Full Blu-um and Young Nails White 101 and Ozone glitter, all hand painted

 Simple and sweet right?  I told ya! :) I believe this color was True Gel Maui Babe which is an extremely popular color around here!  Glitter is Young Nails Silver glitter

I was pleasantly surprised with how cute these "dotter flowers" turned out.  I used Elegant Glass Neon Glo Purple and Young Nails White 101, Silver Glitter and True Gel Vivid Imagination

Simply sweet again! All these colors are NEW!! True Gel Teal the Beat and Hypnotic and a new Metallic Silver (hard to tell from the pic, but it is!) that is called MIRROR MIRROR.

Cute! Pinterest find again :) Young Nails White 101, Black 101, Tangerene Neon and IBD Tranquility.  All hand painted EXCEPT for the fun design on the middle finger.  Thats a stamp :)

And then we have copier!!!! LOL!  We did change it up a bit though and this tie the chevron was with a stamp.  I sure do have a love/hate relationship with those dang stamps!!  They are so cute when they turn out but sometimes they are a pain in the butt!

Simple again... IBD Full Blu-um and hand painted chevron.  And have you guessed by now my white and blacks are always Young Nails?  That's because they are the best!! :)

ALL HARD GEL! I love love love hard gel!!  I used True Gel Maui Babe with Young Nails Crush Glitter over the top, then Young Nails blue 104 and hand painted the arrows.

What's not to love about neons and black AND chevron!  So cute!

True Gel Rodeo Queen is another popular color around here!  Love it, flower hand painted :)

Remember when I said how can you go wrong with neon and black?  Well when you add cheetah to that mix you just really can't!  Neon colors on the tips are from Elegant Glass, Cheetah stamp from Young Nails Caption Art Screens and the colorful cheetah is actually really cool because it's done with Caption Lucents to get that awesome look!! Caption Lucents are my favorite!!

Cherry Blossom anyone?  I did the blue set first, and since then (just a week ago) I've copied it twice on two other clients, but in pink!  Such a trend setter Holly is :)

Pinterest find!  And I used my new Caption Conversion for this set!  Don't know what that is? Well I'll explain more in my "OTHER" post in the next few days, but the gist is I can now turn any of my nail polish colors into GEL POLISH!  Pretty freaking awesome!

And last but not least... these are just beautiful!  And guess what!?  Those adorable little seashell charms stayed on the entire 4 weeks and she even went to Florida and had a great time!  This is revolutionary here!  I figured out a way to get little charms and such to stay on so bring it on people!  Let's stick them on.. I have everything imaginable! Hand painted :)

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