Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Happiness Is a Good Hair Day

Clients ask all the time "Do you do more nails then hair?"  The answer actually is no lol I really do about equal amounts of each spread throughout the month, but it seems like I do more nails because I always take pictures of the nails I do and post them.  People tend to keep their hair the same so I don't want to bombard your feed with the same ol' (although gorgeous) brown I've done every. single. month.  I do like to post before and afters though when someone makes a change!  And I've been trying to be better about taking hair pictures.  So... here's what I've been up to lately in the hair world >>>>>>

This gal was a fun change!  She was a referral so she wanted something different!  We cut several inches off into a cute a-line, deepened her roots, and balayaged some highlights through the ends.

Now this beauty has naturally gorgeous hair, so while I'd like to take all the credit, I can't :( She was blessed with good hair genes!  I did lighten her up a bit more then we usually have done, cut a few inches off and gave her some loose curls.

I wish I would've taken a before picture of this lovely lady!  She had hair just below her shoulders and wanted something much easier to maintain and get body!  So... pixie cut we went!  She pulls it off well and her husband loved it which is a bonus :)

Recognize this head?  I post pictures of her a lot!!! She loves to change her hair and I love that she does!  She always keeps me on my toes with hair creativity and I look forward to her appointments every 6 weeks.  This before and after shows that we replaced her purple tones with red wine tones, shortened her a-line, and actually this is an a-symetrical cut.  The other side is to her ears.  See the second photo for a 180 of the cut.

Another before and after! She was a refferal as well so naturally she was looking for a change.  We chop chopped and color colored!  The after pictures were taken at night so it was terrible lighting and I was super bummed that you couldn't tell the red color.

Good news though!! Her second appointment was during the day so we had great lighting!!! Gorgeous right? 

Needing less maintenance but can't quite part with the blonde?  Ombre's are great!! Love it!

Now this bombshell likes to do fun things with her hair too!  This time we went black with caramel chunks underneath her top layer.  She's such a fun gal!

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