Thursday, May 5, 2016


Okay so last post I said I had a big announcement coming... well here it is!!  Life has led me to make a huge change in my career and I couldn't be happier!!  I've decided the best thing for me and my family is to work from home.  Eeek!  The past few months we've been working on putting a salon together in my basement and it has turned out amazing!!  I am thrilled with the results and so thankful to have a handy husband, dad and father in law to put it all together for my mom and I!

We are complete with 250+ acrylic colors, 200+ glitters, 250+ gel colors, 90+ polishes, 500 (literally) nail art jars and 400+ nail art stamping plates.  The possibilities are endless!!  Can you tell we have a slight addiction to nail stuff....

So excited about our built in pedi bench!! Super comfy and complete with hot towels, hot stones, paraffin wax and of course our exclusive line of Spa The√©rapie pedicure products :) .  If you haven't tried one of our pedicures, you need to because you are missing out my friend!  

Ahh!  The lovely shampoo area.  Best part of getting your hair done right?  Well it's even better now with this ultra comfy chair and sink.  It tilts to adjust to your comfort and really relieves the stress on your neck that traditional sinks put on you.

Such a beautiful site!!  Love me some UNITE haircare products... best out there!

Now I know you may be having a few questions about my schedule!  I am still working the same hours and days so no change there!  Still have my late nights and Saturdays :)  You can book online with my mom and I at

Can't wait to see you at my new place!!

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